Ooltewah Middle School


We us an interactive notebook for class notes so that you can use them to study. Your notebook needs to be brought to class every day. If it is lost, you will need to recopy a friend's notes to replace it. 

Students will have 5-10 questions 4 days of the week. You will receive the assignment on Monday and it will be turned in on Friday. Homework will be checked in class each day. If you are stuck on questions use your class notes for examples and look at videos linked for help. If homework is consistently taking more than 20 minutes a day please send me an email. Blank homework will be seen as not completed - please try each question. I want to see attempted work even if it is incorrect so I can know how to help.

We will have weekly cumulative quizzes on Thursdays. The quizzes will cover each skill starting in August to keep reviewing skills and show growth throughout the year. Students can study class notes and examples for each quiz. For each quiz, students will have an opportunity to complete an error analysis. An error analysis allows you to correct mistakes and receive half credit back. 

Students are not allowed to use calculators for fluency questions (Q1) and must show work on paper. For other questions students can use a TI 30XS calculator. Students have access to a calculator to use during class time. 
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