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OMS Chorus Handbook

Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome to Mr. Howard’s Ooltewah Middle School Chorus Program. This year is going to be a great year and your participation in this ensemble will not only enable you to become a knowledgeable singer, but a lifetime musician. Being apart of my program will help you become a more responsible, disciplined, focused, and well-rounded individual. I firmly believe your involvement in this program will develop skills that will help you progress in all aspects of your life. Welcome!

Please read this handbook carefully. In it you will find general information about the chorus program, guidelines, grading policies, travel, supplies, uniforms, and fundraisers.

Please sign and return the appropriate form located at the back of this handbook. Let’s have great year.


Mr. Howard

OMS Choral Director

Vocal Music Curriculum Standards Grades 6 - 8

Expectations of Behavior

1. Be on time.   

3. Cell phones will only be used to record vocal parts and vocal tests or find songs to sing for Karaoke.

4. Be quiet during rehearsals and do not talk or have conversations with people around you.  Excess noise is rude and disruptive to others singing, listening and directing.  If you have a question, please raise your hand.  

3. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Hate speech and using curse words are strictly prohibited.

4. Stay in your seat or at your place ALWAYS.  The bell does not excuse you - I do.

5. Put all music, folder, chairs and any other items in their proper places before dismissal. 

6. Enter and leave rehearsal in an orderly manner (No running!).

7. No food, drinks or gum will be allowed in the chorus room. (Only water)

8. Always do your best at all times and strive for improvement each time you sing.

9. All performances are mandatory, unless your parent provides me with a note regarding your absence.


Discipline Policy

Great behavior is essential for a successful chorus rehearsal.  If a student is being disruptive, he/she will be given two verbal warnings. Essentially two chances to pull oneself together. Behavior call-outs will all be entered into my behavior folder for documentation purposes. A Phone call home will be made if the student does not change his/her behavior. If behavior has not changed additional steps may be taken: referral to administration, a behavior contract that has to be signed by parents, or removal from the chorus program and placed in another Related Arts class.

Bathroom Policy

Students must use the bathroom in between classes. I will use my best discretion to determine any emergency bathroom situations.

Grading Policy

Before we begin the school year, let me remind everyone not to fall behind in your schoolwork – this includes your music too!  I will from time to time offer opportunities for extra credit for those who need it. These opportunities will be limited, and will not make up for weeks of neglected work/practice - don’t count on last minute miracles!  The more you put into this class, the more you will get out of it!

Grade Scale:
A 93 – 100%
B 83 – 92%
C 73 – 82%
D 60 – 72%
F 59 – 0%

Grade Categories:
50% Performances/Projects 
40% Daily Lesson
10% Being Ready, Responsible and Respectful *Concerts are MANDATORY


The only homework for students will be to memorize all of the lyrics, dance steps to ensemble and solo vocal repertoire. 

Listening Exams/Quizzes

Students will be quizzed on various things learned in class such as musical vocabulary terms, song lyrics, note names, or describing in detail what they hear in a selected piece of music.


Sometimes emergencies happen that cannot be avoided. Acceptable reasons for missing a performance or a rehearsal are:

  1. Student illness

  2. Family Emergencies

  3. Death or serious sudden illness of an immediate family member.

*In every case of  an absence, a note from the students parent is required for documentation. The note must be brought in no later that the next day the student comes to school. Accumulated unexcused absences will result in the lowering of the student’s final  grade.

Conduct for Field Trips/Out of School Performances

All school, chorus and school board policies are in effect during trips. Students who violate regulations on trips will be subject to disciplinary action upon return.

Chorus Fees

Each 7th and 8th grade chorus student/parent is responsible for paying $35 fee before September 1st.  These fees are essential to building a lasting chorus program. Fees will be used for transportation, tickets to see theatrical performances, and food/ice cream parties for celebrations.

Chorus Supplies

Chorus supplies are covered by the chorus fees. 

Concert Dates (TBA)

Concert/Performance Attire

Young Men

  • White button down dress shirt

  • Black Pants

  • Black Shoes

  • Black Socks

  • Black bowtie or tie

  • Black Belt

Young Women

  • White button shirt

  • Black Skirts or Black Dress (knee legnth)

  • Black tights/stockings

  • Black flats

  • Black bowtie or tie

  1. Hair should be neat and out of the face.

  2. No unnatural hair colors or styles.

  3. No excessive makeup.

  4. No Jewelry is to be worn.

  5. Black Dress shoes (no tennis shoes)

*Chorus robes may be worn.

**Attire will be announced for each performance on the OMS website under my teacher page


Disney On Stage Tour - TBA

Chorus Contract

I, __________________________________________, have read through the attached handbook and I understand and accept the procedures, rules and commitment outlined within.



____________________________________            ________________________

Student Signature                                                     Date



___________________________________             _________________________

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