Ooltewah Middle School


Holly Bogard

Cracker Jacks Team (6th Grade)
 Language Arts and Social Studies
(423) 498-6910 (ext. 42759)
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Welcome to OMS!  This is my sixth year at OMS.  I am originally from Cullman, Alabama and graduated from Athens State University.  I moved to the Chattanooga area eight years ago with my husband, Tyler.  We have two daughters, Charli and Aubrey.  I spend my time outside of school with my family.  We enjoy watching college football (Roll Tide!) and exploring fun places in Chattanooga.



6th Grade ELA
Supplies: 5 section spiral notebook, pen/pencil, $10 novel fee

Over the course of the year, students will learn how to be narrative authors, argument writers, and fact-based reporters. Students will read various pieces of fiction and nonfiction, both self-selected and teacher-selected. Students will explore topics relevant to them such as diversity, bullying, teen activism, animal rights, personal narratives, and more. Students will also be encouraged to explore topics of their choosing. 

Throughout the year, there are two assignments that are ongoing and constant--Independent Reading and Reading Responses.  Students are expected to have a self-selected book with them in class EACH AND EVERY DAY. Students have access to our classroom library and the OMS library. Students will also be given a form for a free Chattanooga Public Library card sometime in August. Students can also bring a book from home. It is expected that students read for at least 30 minutes a day at home, and students will be given between 10-20 minutes of independent reading time in our class each day. Also, students are expected to complete a Reading Response each week. Reading Response are due each Friday. Here is a link to the assignment : (coming soon!)

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6th Grade Social Studies
Supplies: 2 composition books, 3 hole pocket folder, writing utensil

In sixth grade social studies, students will learn about the lasting impact of the earliest known civilizations including Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Indus River Valley, the Hebrews, Greece and Rome.

Students will complete a daily warm-up which will be graded weekly as a classwork grade.  They will complete classwork in various ways; independently, with a partner or with a group.  Homework will be assigned 1-2  times per week.

A textbook will be used in the classroom, but will not be sent home with students.  Students will be able to use their social studies notebooks as a resource for studying, projects and homework.

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