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Shannon Burch

7th Grade Science
I am the science teacher for the Mountain Climbers team.  I have been teaching in Hamilton county since 2006.  This is my 7th year at OMS.  I earned a BFA from Valdosta State University in 2001. Before becoming a teacher, I  worked for a radio station and television station.  In  2005, I earned a MA in Educational Media from Appalachian State University.  In 2006, I began attending UTC for Teacher Education.  I received a M. Ed. in Secondary Education in 2009. I am married to Charles Burch, who teaches at Ooltewah Elementary, and we have two children, Henry, 7 and Ada, 4.  I love the outdoors and work as a river guide on the Ocoee in the summer.  

If you need to contact me, these are the preferred methods:
Remind: @9f27eh
Email: burch_s@hcde.org

7th Science Curriculum:

2019-2020 School Year

1st Quarter

Unit 1: Matter

Week 1: Observing Matter

Week 2: States of Matter

Week 3: Atomic Models

Weeks 4-5: Periodic Table

Unit 2: Classifying Matter

Weeks 6-7: Elements and Compounds

Week 8:  Pure Substances

and Mixtures

Unit 3:Conservation of Mass

Week 9: Reactions 

2nd Quarter

Unit 3:Conservation of Mass

Week 1: Reactions, cont.

Week 2: Photosynthesis

& Respiration

Unit 4: Cells         

Weeks 3: Comparing Cells

Week 4-5:Cell Organelles

Week 6: Cell Membrane

Week 7:   Mitosis

Unit 5: Organization of Life

Week 8: Cells to Organisms

Week 9: Body Systems

3rd Quarter

Unit 5: Organization of Life

1-2: Body Systems, continued

Unit 6: Reproduction

Week 3: Sexual/Asexual Reproduction

Week 4: Mitosis & Meiosis

Unit 7: Genetics

Week 5: Genetic Ratios

Week 6: Genetic Mutations

Unit 8: Survival         

Week 7: Adaptations

Weeks 8-9: Biomaterials

4th Quarter


Unit 9: Cycling of Matter

Week 1: Cycling of Matter

Week 2: Atmospheric gases

Week 3: Climate Change



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