Maggie Rahhal

Maggie Rahhal
8th Grade Math/Algebra 1

Hello OMS parents and students, and welcome to my website! I am teaching both 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1 on the Silverwings team. Below you will find general rules and information regarding my classroom. Additionally, you will find tabs for each of my classes with more specific information pertaining to the class your student is enrolled in. 
I am also the Girls Head Soccer Coach, if you are looking for information on tryouts or have questions in general, see the Girls Soccer Website at the following link. 
Owls Soccer

A little about myself...
I was born and raised in Oklahoma City (Norman, if you know the area), and I graduated from Oklahoma State University in May of 2018. I graduated with a BS in Mathematics with a focus in Secondary education and a BA in Spanish. I have a passion for public education and am very excited to get to work with the Ooltewah community this year. How did I get here, you ask? My childhood friend was offered a job in Chattanooga and I am never one to turn down a new adventure! I truly believe teaching middle school will be an adventure of it's own. Let's get this year started!

Contact: Email - Remind - please scroll down and find info on your class tab Office Hours by Appointment: M-F 7:15-8:15, 2:30-3:30. Please request an appointment time by filling out the following google form. Conference Request Form 
Classroom Expectations: I ask that you please...
  • arrive to class on time
  • come prepared with materials and prepared to learn
  • give your best effort on all classwork, homework, quizzes, and exams
  • respect yourself, your peers, the teacher, and the classroom 
  • keep personal electronics put away unless otherwise directed 
  • know you that you can be successful in my class

Grade Breakdown 

A 93 - 100

B 85 - 92

C 75 - 84

D 70 - 74

F 69 and below

Homework (10% of grade) Homework will be assigned daily. My intention is to have the week's homework assignments posted each Monday so that students can plan for an adequate amount of time each night for their homework. Work that is done in class but completed at home will count as classwork.
Quizzes/Classwork (40% of grade)

Quizzes will be given throughout each unit to assess student understanding and progress. They are meant to help students learn to self-assess. At the end of each week students will turn in their bellwork--this will be counted as a classwork grade.
Exams/Projects (50% of grade)
Exams will be given at the end of each topic. Projects that are assigned over the course of the year will be counted as an exam grade, even if some of the work was completed at home. Benchmark tests will be given quarterly by the district, however, they will not be a grade in my class.

Late Work Policy 
Late work (incomplete classwork finished at home, homework, etc.) 
will only be accepted a maximum of 3 days past the due date. The maximum 
score a student can earn on late work decreases 10% for every day 
that it is late. 

Make-up Work Policy 
Excused absences (those meeting State attendance rules) shall entitle 
students to make up work missed.  Unexcused absences will result in 
assignments such as make-up work, which will receive reduced credit. 
Students must make up work at the teacher’s convenience and shall have
only five school days to complete these assignments.  Extenuating 
circumstances may warrant additional time.  Requests for make-up work 
become the responsibility of the student.  After an excused absence, 
make-up work shall receive up to 100% credit.  Any work completed after
an unexcused absence may be made up for a maximum of 70% credit.
Parents when calling to request make-up work, please allow teachers a 24 hour notice turnaround time to gather assignments.
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