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Ooltewah School Leads Hamilton County Schools

Ooltewah School Leads Hamilton County Schools
Posted on 03/29/2016

In the May 1970 issue of Popular Science magazine, Arthur C. Clarke predicted that satellites would someday "bring the accumulated knowledge of the world to your fingertips" using a console that would combine the functionality of the photocopier, telephone, television and a small computer, allowing data transfer and video conferencing around the globe. When former student Maryann Stellar attended Ooltewah Middle School, the World Wide Webb was just beginning and largely used only by the U.S. military. Little did she know that one day she would follow her middle school on Facebook

In August 2012, Ooltewah Middle School entered into the social networking world and began their first ever Facebook page. Today, they enjoy the largest following of all Hamilton County Schools with an impressive to day 1127 followers. Ooltewah Middle is a school of pride and spirit and make no mistake they have the history of athletic and academic success to go with it. The list of followers are made up of students, parents, friends and a large amount of former students.

Followers can find out school news, school events, updates, alerts and an array of student life posts and comments. "The Facebook page has become an important piece of our communication with students and parents" says Mr. Whitecotton the school webmaster of 11 years. "When I started our school website, most schools didn't have websites because it required saving your content in HTML code and saving it to a floppy disc and driving it to central office to be uploaded." Today, we want our school family to be informed. They have come to expect it."

The webmaster of the Hamilton County Schools Kelly Mayer says "The success of a school's online presence depends on the content that is made available as well as how the school staff utilizes the communication tools provided. More and more parents expect for information to be current and accessible 24 hours a day." Ooltewah Middle School has always strived to be the leading website in Hamilton County winning the Hamilton County Website of the Year award 7 times in addition to a number of other web awards.

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