Ooltewah Middle School

Kinlee Pruitt

Welcome to 8th grade! 

Silverwings 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (423) 498-6910 ext. 42719
Instagram: @therealmspruitt

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About Me:
My name is Kinlee Pruitt and I'm so excited to be returning to Ooltewah Middle School for another year!! I'm originally from North Carolina, but moved to Tennessee in 2019. I earned my Bachelor's in Secondary Mathematics Education from Lee University and am currently working on my Master's in Secondary Mathematics Education from Ball State University online. I am rarely found without a sonic drink or iced coffee in hand, love a good book or movie, and cooking for friends. You're going to get to know me really well this year and I hope you'll let me get to know you. Welcome to the best team! I'm so glad I get to be your teacher.

The Class:
This year we will be utilizing canvas to submit assignments (especially for when you lose a paper), so be sure to check it often. Parents/Guardians, if you wish to have access to view canvas and see what your student is up to, just send me an email and I can add you as an observer. It takes all of us working together to ensure everyone is successful and gets the most out of this year! Please email to communicate any concerns or celebrations.

Class will consist of stations, group work, projects, small groups, intentional games, math parodies...and I'll even teach you how to take notes and be organized. This year you'll learn about how shapes can change and yet remain the same, how your favorite vending machine is a mathematical model, determine if a guy was just crazy or a murderer (or both?), prove my favorite theorem, and so much more. 

Algebra 1 your class learns some of the same things but then instead of my favorite theorem (which I'll teach you at the end of the year) you'll learn the mathematics of canons and marshmallow launchers. Otherwise, very similar. BE WARE this is a high school credit class and WILL count towards your GPA. Act accordingly.

Late Work: Of course I accept late work. As long as it is done within the quarter, you will still get some credit. However, it is my job to grade work in a reasonable time frame...when it is does as requested. That being said, I will only grade late work on specific days. Be sure to turn work in on time and be aware of the late work days. It will not be graded outside of those time frames. This insures that I am spending my time most effectively.

Sports/Extracurriculars: Invite me to your games and things!! I love seeing you do things you enjoy and cheering you on. Just let me know and I do my best to come to as many as I can. 

*If you need a favor (such as an extension on an assignment or recommendation letter), it's always best to ask after giving me a handwritten note of appreciation or sonic drink. ;)

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