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Carrie Henson

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7th Grade Talons Science

Email: henson_c@hcde.org 
Phone: (423) 498-6910 EXT: 42737
Available Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:15-10:15

All students should be checking my Canvas home page daily for assignments and announcements!

Curriculum Guide
2020-2021 School Year
1st Quarter Aug. 12 – Oct. 9
42 Student Days

Unit 1: Climate Change
Week 1-2: Atmospheric Gases
Week 3: Climate Data
Unit 2: Classifying Matter
Week 4: Mixtures
Week 5: Elements & Compounds
Weeks 6: States of Matter
Unit 3: Trends in Matter
Week 7: Atomic Models
Week 8-9: Periodic Table7th Grade TASS 2020-2021
Planning Calendar
2nd Quarter Oct.19 – Dec. 18
42 Student Days

Unit 4: Cycles of Matter
Week 1-2: Conservation of Mass
Week 3: Cycling of Matter
Week 4: Photosynthesis & Respiration
Unit 5: Cells
Week 5: Cell Membrane
Weeks 6-7: Comparing Cells
Week 8-9: Cell Organelles
3rd Quarter Jan. 4 – Mar. 12
48 Student Days

Unit 6: Systems of Life
Week 1: Cells to Organisms
Weeks 2-3: Body Systems
Week 4: Biomaterials
Unit 7: Reproduction
Week 5: Mitosis
Week 6-7: Sexual/Asexual Reproduction
Week 8: Mitosis & Meiosis
Unit 8: Genetics
Week 9: Genetic Ratios 
4th Quarter Mar. 15 – May 27
48 Student Days

Unit 8: Genetics (cont)
Week 1: Genetic Mutations
Week 2: Adaptations


Teacher Bio:
Mrs. Carrie Henson is an Ooltewah native. She is a graduate from Ooltewah High school. She graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with her Bachelor's of Science in Middle Grades. This will be her 9th year of teaching. She taught fourth grade for 4 years at Lakeside Academy. She then pursued her career in middle school by joining the staff at Ooltewah Middle. She has taught 6th grade ELA, 7th Grade ELA, and now 7th Grade Science. 


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