Ooltewah Middle School


Jody Henry

Availablle hours: 8:00-3:00 Monday-Friday
Instructions for classes to work from home:

7th grade- Keep a daily food journal. List everything you eat for at least 10 days. We will compare how your diet lines up with the Myplate guidelines when we return to school

8th grade-Keep a daily journal of the HEALTHY habits you do each day. 
Physical health, mental health, or social health activities.  They should be labeled P, M or S depending on which category the activity fits in.  Track for atleast 10 days.

6th grade- Keep track of when and how long you brush and floss teeth. Track for 10 days.

Health Teacher
I have been teaching at OMS since 1991.  I am married to Jeff Stephens and we have 2 awesome dogs. I enjoy driving my Jeep Wrangler and teaching at OMS. 

I can be reached by email at Henry_jody@hcde.org. I am available 11:45-12:25. 

Students need a 2 pocket folder for class The folder with all work will be kept in the Health classroom.  If a student cannot provide a folder, one will be loaned to the student to use for the particular quarter they are in class. A pencil is always needed in class. All work should be completed in class. 

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