Ooltewah Middle School

Kelly Treece

Welcome to Eighth Grade English/Language Arts!
Team: Silverwings
Room: 106



 I am a freak of nature, often seen dancing to the beat of my own drum and laughing hysterically for no reason.  I am a force to be reckoned with and I am your worst nightmare.  I duck, I bob for apples, I weave intricate baskets.
 I have been known to refurbish vintage furniture and give it away to homeless cats so they have a place to sleep.  I have kayaked in Alaska in the midst of a killer whale feeding frenzy, swam alongside Spinner dolphins, and fed Great White sharks bare-handed. 
 I won a gold medal in the Olympics - my archery skills were so phenomenally intimidating that all other competitors forfeited.  I lived amongst the Blue-Footed Boobies on the Galapagos Islands, and I once traveled around the world five times in 180 days. 
 Sometimes I awaken in the middle of the night, meander out to the woods behind my house, perch in a tree, and hoot like a Great-Horned owl.  I have also accompanied the neighborhood cat on a nocturnal hunt for random objects our neighbors neglected to bring in off their porch. 
 I compete in ukulele duels on the sixth Saturday of each month and have a fuchsia belt in combat hula-hooping.  I thrive on stealing hugs from helpless lemurs and maintain my innocence on Tatooine.  My other car is the Millennium Falcon.  Yoda is my homeboy.
 I have been a garden gnome bounty hunter, a heavy metal accordionist, an artist who sculpts exclusively with marshmallow Peeps, and I single-handedly transformed the lives of a gaggle of wild geese while traveling through Opelika.
 I can knit 5011 scarves in 45 minutes while reciting the alphabet in Klingon and dribbling a soccer ball while blindfolded.  In my spare time I grapple large snipes, set traps for Bigfoot, and crochet delicate shawls for elderly gorillas.  I bake red velvet brownies on the 7th Wednesday of each month, I have competed in extreme ice sculpting, I am so organized I confuse myself and the nineteen squirrels who call me "Mom". 
 I have my very own House Elf; her name is Gertrude and she adores me so much she absolutely refuses to accept any clothing and claim her freedom.  I once owned the elements of the Deathly Hallows, but I loaned them to Dumbledore so that Harry Potter could save the world.  Snape is my idol.  I always turn to page 394.
 I taught Dr. Seuss how to rhyme, I own Anne's Green Gables, and I don't live in a house - I live in a hobbit-hole in the Shire, and Treebeard resides in the woods behind my house.  I once commandeered the Black Pearl and I taught Daryl Dixon how to use a crossbow.
 I created an 8th day, but was too overwhelmed by the extra time.  I once read Gone With the WindBeowulf, and The Princess Bride in one hour.  I have a Sonic icemaker in my car, and I am an adoptive mother to an albino sloth named Lemmy.
 I am Ozzy Osbourne's personal translator and Slash hits me up for guitar riff advice.  TobyMac consults me before he even thinks about droppin' a beat.  I have played for the Braves, kicked a game-winning field goal for the Falcons, and had dinner with Peyton Manning. 
 I wander, I wonder, I nap, and my bones snap, crackle, and pop. But I have not yet had the privilege of teaching your child and preparing them for their next big adventure:  high school.  I look forward to helping your child become the very best version of themselves.

Educational Career History: Tyner High School, 1995

Chattanooga State Technical Community College, 1999

*A.S. in English

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2001

*B.S. in English Education, grades 7-12

Cumberland University, 2007

*M.A. in Education

HCDE Professional Career History:

Chattanooga Middle School, 2001-2002

Ooltewah Middle School, 2002-2009

East Hamilton Middle School, 2010- Spring 2013

Ooltewah Middle School, Fall 2013-current


PowerSchool Grade Entries:

  • Collected - green checkmark ✔️

(I have task in my possession; it will be graded ASAP.)

  • Missing - orange M

(I did not receive task from student/ No Name paper; 0 has been recorded.) alt

Mrs. Treece's classroom can be pretty chilly.  Make sure you have a dress code appropriate sweater or sweatshirt with you if you think you might need it.


  • Pullover Sweaters or button-down cardigan
  • Crewneck Sweatshirts (no pockets or hoods)
  • Pullover Fleece with quarter zippers (no pockets or hoods)

Grading Policy:
Daily/Classwork: 40%
Performance Task/Test: 50%
Homework: 10%

Late Work Policy:
 All tasks will be given an established due date.
If an assignment due at class end is submitted later that same day, five (5) points will be deducted.
The following applies to ALL late work:
1 day late = -10 points
2 days late = -20 points
3 days late* = -30 points
*Final acceptance date

-Food, gum, candy, and drinks of any kind are NOT allowed inside my  classroom.
Water in a clear bottle with a secure lid is the only exception.



-Chromebooks may NOT be charged during class. 
All students are responsible for charging their Chromebook at home.

-Make sure you are checking CANVAS for all current assignments and due dates!

-Any work that is submitted late will be scored and entered into PowerSchool AFTER all current and on time assignments are updated.

Required daily classroom supplies:
-CHARGED Chromebook
-One non-spiral composition
notebooks (must have at least 100 sheets/200 pages)
-Sticky notes
-Ink pens (blue or black)
-Loose-leaf notebook paper

First ten (10) minutes of class
Last ten (10) minutes of class
During class at teacher discretion

Do you have questions? Concerns? Need clarification?  
Please contact Mrs. Treece via email.

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