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Math- 6th Grade-Crusaders

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Mrs.Harjes attended school in Hamilton County all through school. Mrs. Harjes graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in Education prek-3 and an endorsement in middle grades. Mrs. Harjes obtained her masters degree in teacher leadership through Concordia University in Portland, Oregon January2019. Mrs. Harjes will be entering her seventh year of teaching math. Mrs. Harjes is married with two young boys.
In need of copy paper for math class. (White and colored)

Please email me with any questions or concerns throughout the year. Contact hours 7:00AM-2:30 PM. Please keep in mind I do have class throughout the day, a message can be left with your name, number and concern. I will get back with you as soon as I can. I respond quickly with emails.
SUPPLIES-Students will need two composition notebooks for the year. They will also need pencils, highlighters and colored pencils.
HOMEWORK- Homework will be given out on Mondays and will need to be turned in on Fridays. This way if students have sports games or family events they can work on their homework ahead of time.
Tests and Quizzes- Assessments will be given on Thursdays.
Error Analysis-Error analysis will be performed on previous assessments so students can correct and learn from their mistakes to get some credit back on their assessments.
Late work- ten point will be taken off each day an assignment is turned in late. Up to three days.
ABSENT-Students may make up work for days they are absent. 
Enrichment Link-  Students have accounts for both of the following sites that can be used to help them in math at home. Students also have workbooks in their lockers to help them practice what they learn in class if they need to.
Week of 1/27/2020
This week we will be factoring and using distributive property with expressions. There will be a quiz on Thursday. Homework will be due Friday. Quiz corrections will be due the following Monday.
Week of 1/20/2020
This week we are learning how to write and translate expressions using all operations. No quiz this week. Homework is due Friday.
Week of 1/13/20
This week we will start constructing expressions with variables. Homework #2 will be due Friday. Quiz Thursday. Quiz corrections will be due the following Monday. One ixl lesson due Friday.
Week of 12/9/19
Students will be reviewing for the benchmark. No homework but the benchmark review sheet is optional to study. No quiz. All missing work due this Friday. Any make up work is due as well by Friday.
Week of 12/2/19
We are learning absolute value and integers. Homework due Friday. Quiz Thursday. Quiz corrections due Monday.
Week of 11/18/19
This week we will be learning about negative and positive numbers and number lines. Quiz on Thursday. Homework due Friday. The corrections for the quiz will be due the following Monday.

Week of 11/11/19
We will be learning Mean, median, mode and range. No quiz this week. Last weeks quiz corrections are due this Friday. It will be a half day this Wednesday.Homework will be due Friday.
Week of 10/21/19
Modeling and solving fraction division. Quiz Thursday. Homework #2 due Friday.
Week of 10/14/19
Homework due Friday.
No quiz this week.
We are going to be solving tax, tips and discounts this week.
Week of 9/30/19
Homework:Finish and complete ixl lessons R.4, R.6, R.8.
We will be learning how to convert between percents, decimals and fractions. Benchmark testing is this week. Fall break starts next week.
Week of 9-23-19
This week we will be using ratios this week in relationship to graphs, tables and double number lines. Quiz Thursday. Homework due Friday. 
Week of 9-16-19
This week students will learn unit rate and rates to determine the better buy. Comparing the prices. Homework due Friday. Quiz on Thursday. A copy of the homework in the useful links tab. 
Week of 9-9-19
Students will be learning ratios, rates and unit rates. Comparing which is the better buy using unit rates. Quiz on Thursday and homework due Friday.

Week of 9-2-19
No school Monday for Labor Day. Half day on Wednesday the 4th. We will continue working on Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples. No quiz this week. Homework #4 will be due Friday.
Week of 8-26-19
This week we will be learning and working on Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples. Students will have iready testing and therefore will not have a quiz this week. Homework #3 will be due Friday.

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