Ooltewah Middle School

Sara Schaaf

Sara Schaaf
6th Grade Math
Cracker Jacks Team
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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! 
In case you are wondering how to pronounce my last name: "Shh-Off". 

Teacher Bio
I grew up in the countries of Jordan and South Africa before moving to Chattanooga to attend Covenant College. After my degree in education, I loved the area so much I decided to stay. This is my ninth year teaching math. I have completed my Master of Education in K-8 Mathematics Education through the University of Georgia. I love learning through new experiences so I'm excited for what we will explore. When I'm not at school, I love Zumba, crafts and baking, and coffee or movies with friends.   

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns please email me:

Phone: 423-498-6910  ext. 42757
* I can only answer calls before 7am and after 12:45pm. Please leave a voicemail or send an email. 

If you are absent you can get make up work and have 5 days to complete assignments. 

Math Overview 

Quarter 1: I can fluently operate the number 
                   system- add, subtract, multiply, and                         divide multi-digit numbers, decimals, 
                   and fractions.
*Fluency refers to applying procedural skills efficiently without a calculator. 

*Be sure to practice your multiplication facts.
Quarter 2: Ratios, Percent, Integers on a                                      number line (coordinate plane).
Quarter 3: Order of Operations, Variables, 
                  Expressions and Equations, Equivalent 
Quarter 4: Area of Polygons, Characteristics of 3D
                   shapes, Volume, Data Collection 
                   and Statistics.


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