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“Ooltewah Middle School provides an environment that cultivates a caring community of proactive citizens, productive life-long learners, and individuals who are challenged to grow in the pursuit of knowledge."

A Proud Part of the Harrison Bay Learning Community
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Doors open at 6:45, late bell at 7:15
Dismissal begins at 2:15

Summer Office Schedule:

owlOnline Registration:
Returning students MUST register online!
-You will need to create a new account using your access code on Parent Portal
-Letters were sent home with this info
-Contact your grade level counselor if you need assistance
Portal is open from Monday May 6-June 7
2 current proofs of residence must be uploaded
Rising 7th graders must upload shot records
Please visit our for parents tab for registration links.


OMS Football practices will begin July 23 at 6pm (physical required)

August 4th Owl Orientation

All zoned, rising 6th graders should attend

8th grade:  Future Ready Institute
information can be located at:

owl sketch


Click the books  for:

2019-2020 School Supply Lists, Dress Code, and Important Forms

Learn about our 
Chromebook Policy: parent one to one info

Rapid Rewards Program:

A rapid rewards program has been implemented at Ooltewah Middle School, which will help to identify students with successful academics and behavior. Levels range from 1 -7 and include the following: 

Level 7- All A’s in Academics, All S’s in conduct

Level 6- All A’s and B’s in Academics, All S’s in conduct

Level 5- All passing grades in Academics, All S’s in conduct

Level 4- Failing one or more subject and/or N in conduct

Level 3- ISS, Detention, Evening School, U in conduct, more than one N in conduct

Level 2- Out of school suspension

Level 1- Alternative School Placement

**Rapid Reward levels will be re-evaluated every 3 weeks at the end of each reporting period. Office referrals and disciplinary consequences may cause an immediate drop in rapid reward levels. Teams will inform students of Rapid Reward levels every reporting period.
Students should keep this in mind and make good choices on a daily basis. Levels will be used when determining who is qualified for school dances, events, field trips, etc. Generally, levels 1-3 may not attend and level 4's may participate with team approval.

School Tardy Policy


Tardiness results in a loss of instruction time and class disruptions.
For this reason, any student who arrives after 7:15 or is late to a class during the day will be counted as tardy.

Students are allowed 5 unexcused tardies to school per semester.
Upon the 6th tardy to school, parents will meet with administration in to resolve the issue. Further tardies will have additional consequences.


Tardies during the day (2nd period through 7th period):

3 tardies on academic team=warning, student will sign tardy referral, teacher call to parent
5 tardies on academic team =consequence, administrator will assign and inform parent
*Every additional tardy will result in further disciplinary consequences




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