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“Choose Hamilton” gives your family the option to choose a school outside of your neighborhood zoned school including magnet schools, Future Ready Institutes, open enrollment schools, and early college programs. Click here to view the list of choice schools for the 2020-2021 school year. New for this year, transportation is now available for out-of-district students who would like to attend a Future Ready Institute anywhere in the district. Explore more about transportation options. Look under “FRI Bus Information” on the Future Ready Institutes web page.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to explore the options available to your child. Applications for choice schools are open now.. 

Learn more by visiting hcde.org/choosehamilton.

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No school Monday, February 15

Learning Phase 3- all In Person students attend 5 days a week

  Picture Day is February 26th

Golf, Track, and Baseball are beginning soon visit the athletics tab for more info



Code of Acceptable Behavior

Please keep students at home if they are showing any symptoms, even if just minimally. It is important to stay home even if we think our symptoms are from other causes. Students can return to school 48 hours after symptoms subside. If anyone in the household is symptomatic, we ask that you keep your student home until symptoms subside for 48 hours, or you have a negative test result. You should email, studentcovid@hcde.org. Please keep students home while awaiting results from COVID-19 tests. We must continue to work together during these times to keep everyone safe.

In-Person students will be bringing home their report cards. Parents of At-Home students, you should be checking PowerSchool to see Quarter 1 grades. If you cannot log into the Parent Portal of PowerSchool, please call the Main Office 423-498-6910.

This quarter, we are turning on a Failure Alert System. This system will alert you be email/text the assignment failed, the subject, and the teacher every time a failing grade is posted in PowerSchool. If your student has a "0" then your student will have until the end of the day Friday to turn in missing assignments for a grade no higher than a 70. If your student has a failing grade on an assessment, your student will have an opportunity to re-take that assessment as arranged by the teacher. If your student does not take the opportunity to turn in the missing assignment or re-take the assessment, then the original grade will remain.  **The Failure Alert System will send backlogged failing grades over the last couple weeks. You need to only be concerned with any assignment in the 2nd quarter beginning October 20 and after.

It is our hope that by notifying you about missing work or failing assessment grades, it will help us work together to ensure your student's success. In order for this system to work, we must have the correct email and phone number in PowerSchool.

If you want to access all of your student's grades, you need to download the PowerSchool App. District Code: ZRCD 

Please call the Main Office if you need assistance.

Interested in tutoring?  Contact the School Counselor at stephens_jamie@hcde.org

School Fee:  Art, Science and Technology fee $20, can be paid on line.  Click to pay here 

Classlink Login Help:


Canvas, Flipgrid, and Zoom Overview:


Joining a Zoom Instructions:


Tech Tips for parents:


This new way of "Going to School" has been frustrating at times because technology does not always cooperate with us. I know that you and your student have been frustrated, and just know that teachers have also been frustrated as well. Teachers have created beautiful lessons they think they pushed out in CANVAS, and the lessons aren't there for students to see. Creating Zoom links in CANVAS has also been a challenge for everyone.

Please be patient with us. CANVAS is new to teachers as well as new to students. Teachers are trying to troubleshoot their own lessons, and they aren't expert enough to help you troubleshoot some of the issues that have come up--especially when troubleshooting is happening remotely. We are all learning as we go.

From the Innovation Team: Blended Learning Support for Schools

Canvas Support:
For support with Canvas issues, please call the Canvas Support Hotline: 877-909-0625. This line is open 24 hours a day. You can also access a Live Chat for Canvas support by selecting the “Help” button on the Canvas main navigation bar.


Tech Tips for Families

To support families with remote learning, the district has created a user-friendly Tech Tips Toolkit. This toolkit provides information about the different platforms our schools use and tutorials to help families learn how to use them. Please share this toolkit with your students and families. Need TECH assistance: 423-493-0350 Monday-Friday 7am to 3:30pm

Tech Tips (English)

Chromebook Issues:

  1. Try troubleshooting on your own using these tips.
  2. Please fill out the OMS Student Chromebook Help Ticket form

For students needing a password reset:

  1. Please fill out the OMS Student Password Reset Request form. 

Visit the Everything Chromebooks page under the parents tab for tech issue requests.

Trouble logging into a Chromebook? click the link


If you are interested in insurance, which is highly recommended, please see the information below.  Insurance must be renewed every year.

Hamilton County Schools is working on safely reopening schools in August for students and staff--and they have provided three options for you to choose from that will best fit the needs of your family.  We understand from concerns parents have shared that they are uncomfortable sending their children back to school at this time. The district has developed an option for families called HCS at Home that will allow you and your child to be connected to Ooltewah Middle School but learn from home. OMS teachers will connect with HCS at Home students electronically with video lessons and Zoom discussions in order to keep your child moving forward and learning.

Students who sign up for HCS at Home will still be able to participate in clubs and athletics. HCS at Home students will still have a 7:15 start time and 2:15 end time if they are attending Ooltewah Middle School or Ooltewah High School and attendance will be taken each day.

The learning at home process will work differently from the spring experience as teachers and students will work together to learn new material and concepts with the same curriculum and pacing as the students who are attending the physical building.

Option 1: The Learning Continuum--in person learning at school that will follow the 4 phases as the Task Force has established.

  • Phase 1: Everyone is at home
  • Phase 2: Students will go to school 2 days a week (either Mon and Tues or Thurs and Fri and at home for 3 days.
  • Phase 3: Most schools will be open; some schools might be in a different phase based on triggers in their zip code
  • Phase 4: Everyone is attending school 

Option 2: HCS at Home--your child is still tied to OMS or your zoned school for the 2020-2021 school year. You will commit to HCS at Home for a semester. Here is a One Pager


Option 3: HCS Virtual School--your child will be disenrolled in zoned school and will be enrolled in HCS Virtual School. HCS Virtual School requires students to do much of the learning on their own through the Edgenuity program that has videos and the virtual school teacher will do check-ins.

Here is a chart of the differences between HCS at Home and Virtual School

Hamilton County School Learning Options Comparison Infographic.

Here is a video that will walk you through the process of signing up for one of the three options: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1UW5DZp19o 

*The default option for every student is Option 1– the Learning Continuum. You do not have to complete the Family Learning Options form in the Parent Portal if you plan for your child to attend on the phased plan learning continuum. So, completing the form is optional if you simply plan to have your child attend in person.


If you haven’t seen the HCS reopening plan, you can find it here.


Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers. 

Will each school determine what phase it is in based on the active COVID cases in each community?

The “gating criteria” on page 14 shows how decisions about phases will be made. Phase 3 is the only phase that has school-specific decisions. Phases 1, 2, and 4 will be county-wide phases.

What does “reduced hours” mean?

Phase 2 will have reduced hours for on-campus instruction. In Phase 2, students will be sorted into two cohorts – a Group A and Group B. Each cohort will come to the campus two days per week and have three days of at-home learning directed by the classroom teacher. Arrival and dismissal may also be staggered to manage the social distancing details, and this may also reduce the hours a student has on campus in Phase 2.


Will masks be required of students?

Students will be required to have and wear a mask. More details about how masks will be used are on pages 17, 18, and 33. In some phases, students will not be allowed on a bus without a mask. Social distancing, in some situations, will not be a logistic possibility. Masks will be needed throughout some portions of each day. Face coverings may be relaxed if distance can be accomplished.

What curriculum will be used for HCS at Home?

HCS at Home is really OMS at Home for our community. Parents that select Option 2 (HCS at Home) will have children that are enrolled at OMS, assigned a classroom and teacher, and will engage in the same or similar learning as their class or through Edgenuity with teacher support and supplements – albeit completely online.

If we sign up for Hamilton Co Virtual School can we still participate with OMS activities?

No.  If you sign up for Hamilton Co Virtual School, you are unenrolling as a student at OMS, thus not being eligible to participate in Ooltewah activities.  Hamilton Co Virtual School is a completely different school and you would no longer be a OMS student.   

Has there been any guidelines set for how they will handle exposures? Deep clean and move on, isolate the class, or does the whole school shut down?

Appendix C (p. 46) in the reopening plan gives details about this. Also, in Phases 2 and 3, schools and classrooms will be “fogged” weekly (pp. 19-20). 

What happens if I start school through online learning and change my mind in the middle of the semester?

Hamilton County Schools will not allow students to re-enter in-person school until the 2nd semester, if the family selects the OMS at Home option for the 1st semester.

Do you happen to know when bus routes / pick-up times will be announced?

Not yet. During July, bus drivers try out the new routes, time them, make notes, make changes, try out the changes, etc. Traditionally, I don’t have access to bus route info until the first week of August. 

Withdrawing Students:

Student withdrawals are completed in the front office. Parents must come in and sign a withdrawal form before their child’s last day at Ooltewah Middle. Contact the front office at 423-498-6910 with any questions.


New Students:
All student new to the HCDE system should visit hcde.org, click the parents tab and register as a new sudent. You will also need to upload all required docuents and may then contact the school secretary, Maribeth Lawrence at lawrence_m@hcde.org to schedule a time to come by the school if needed.

Returning Students:

A link is provided to the parent portal on the Hamilton County Schools website at www.hcde.org, as well as a short video walking parents through the information update process on PowerSchool.  Additional assistance is also available by contacting the PowerSchool contact at the local school.  The school contacts will be available to assist with difficulties logging on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal.   


OMS Attendance Policy:

  • When your student has 5 unexcused absences, you will receive a letter informing you that your student has 5 unexcused absences, and you will have to attend an Attendance Meeting with an administrator.

OMS Tardy Policy:

It is very important that all students arrive on time to school so that they are in their first class no later than 7:15.  An Administrative Detention will be assigned when students have reached five (5) tardies in first semester

(August – December).  For every tardy after five (5) in first semester, another Administrative Detention will be assigned.  Tardies will start over for second semester which begins in January.

All Administrative Detentions will be held on Mondays, from 2:25 – 3:30.  Students assigned are to report to the theatre following afternoon dismissal and lockers.  Failure to report may result in a suspension to a parent conference or further consequences.

Parents are responsible for transportation and should pick up the student in front of school at 3:30.

Ooltewah Middle School Administration

School Meals:

Reminder: OMS is not a CEP school; students have to pay for their meals. I encourage everyone to fill out a free/reduced lunch form online at this link: https://www.nlappscloud.com/Welcome.aspx?api=4440375fbce149aec588846b0f2bc5e5#loaded.

If you need a form in Spanish, please ask your student to come to the Main Office to pick one up.

If you would like to put money into your student's account, you can either give your student money; you can bring in money, or you can put money into your student's account online here: https://www2.mypaymentsplus.com/welcome

8th grade:  Future Ready Institute
information can be located at:

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Click the books  for:

2020 School Supply Lists, Dress Code, and Important Forms

Learn about our Chromebook Policy: parent one to one info



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